Chairman's Message

Ragging can be a menace for any student or academic institution. Directives have been issued by the Honorable Supreme Court of India, State Governments and the UGC on measures to be adopted to prevent ragging and punish those who indulge In or abet ragging in anyway. Ragging is considered a serious, punishable offense.

You must be well aware that any impulsive act may be construed as 'Ragging' and, must be avoided. You mus t be extremely careful in your action, expression and demeanor to avoid being held guilty under various provisions of Anti Ragging directives. All your activities are closely monitored and you are under constant surveillance as this Institute has put in place various measures to make it a ragging free campus, as per directives of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. You are hereby forewarned on eventualities if found engaged/indulging in any kind of ragging.

While you must be respectful to your seniors, you also need to be careful from being subjected to ragging by seniors and in such events; you need to promptly inform the authority concerned in the Institute, without any fear and hesitation. The details of contact numbers can be found in this booklet.

I shall advise all my students to be focused on their studies, engaged in quality pursuits in fulfillment of their career goals and refrain from all unpleasant activities which may be construed as ragging. Make your association with this Institute fulfilling, enriching and purposeful.

Senior students have an onerous responsibility to help the freshers, their juniors, to make their stay in this Institute, very comfortable and pleasant. The seniors must act as friends, philosophers and guides to their juniors so that a seamless, positive interaction is possible.

I welcome you to Institute of Dental Sciences Sehora, Jammu and wish you all the very best in all your future endeavors.

Dr. R.K Suri
Institute of Dental Sciences
Sehora, Jammu (J&K).

Institute of Dental Sciences, Sehora, Jammu