Rules & Regulations

College Rules

1. Students shall observe order and quietness at all time in the College/Hostel.
2. No game of any sort will be played during the hours allotted to Lectures/Pracitical.
3. Smoking or taking any other intoxicants within the College/Hostel is strictiy prohibited.
4. For any irregularity or breach of discipline the principal shall be competent to ompose pecuniary fine.
5. Students Shall wear simple dress in the college. Use of gaudy and unbecoming dress is strictly prohibited.
6. Students shall not take part in politics or subversive action.
7. Students shall not indulge in unauthorized meetings, acrimonious and controversial debates.
8. Students shall not indulge in any which is likely to bring discredit to the college.
9. Students shall not cut classes, practical and internal Assessment Tests.
10. Students shall submit their difficulties and grievances through their teachers concerned in the college to the principal, when absolutely necessary; they can see the principal directly.
11. Student shall regularly pay college fees & dues. In case of non-payment of the fee within 15 days of the start of class the name will be struck off the college roll.