Rules & Regulations

Library Rules

1. The book may be issued for a period of a week. The book may be reissued at the discretion of the librarian for one more week, if no other requisition is pending.
2. The students are eligible to draw two books at a time and are advised to check the book thoroughly at the time of issue of books from the library.
3. A fine of R. 1/-(Two Rupees) per day will charged for each book kept overtime.
4. Books lost, destroyed or disfigured shall have to be replaced by new books of the same editions or latest edition by the borrower to the satisfaction of librarian or cost of latest edition be paid including extra amount to be spent for procuring the book.
5. The loss of library card should be reported to the librarian immediately.
6. No due certificate will be issued by the librarian after all the books and library card is returned.
7. Internet facility is available for staff.