Institute of Dental Sciences (IDS)

Re accredited by NAAC with B Grade

Sehora, Kunjwani Bishnah Road Jammu, (J&K), Pin: 181132

Second Cycle Accreditation 2023


NAAC Accreditation is a self-motivated process of the institute to understand its SWOT and seek recognition of its qualitative delivery of dental education and dental care services.  This initiative leads to develop a sustained quality model in the overall activities of the institutions to ensure that the primary stakeholders of the college are satisfied and engaged in our growth and development which ultimately inspire us to work for the society by focusing on the delivery of knowledge, skills, and competencies of the students.

The results of this accreditation process have been guiding the future action concerning to our priorities, commitment, and shall direct us to enhance our benchmarks, performance, and targets.

NAAC Accreditation 2023