Institute of Dental Sciences

Institute of Dental Sciences, Jammu, Jammu, and Kashmir, India, is the first DCI-approved private Dental College in J&K and is affiliated with the University of Jammu. Established in 2006, it has already produced around 1000 Dentists who have made the institute feel proud of them through their quality services to the Oral Health Care system and Research in India and abroad. The institute adheres to an Outcome-based Course Curriculum and well-developed strategy to foster student-centered learning and a strong commitment to the social cause of the community.

Our Strength

  • First NAAC Accredited private Dental College in the state of Jammu and Kashmir
  • Excellent Physical and Learning Facilities
  • Evidence-based Dentistry
  • Dynamic leadership and well-established governance mechanism.
  • Highly qualified, committed, and motivated teaching and administrative workforce.
  • Growing collaboration for the exchange of knowledge and furtherance of the practice.
  • Strong Alumni Network
  • A unique blend between academics and personality grooming programs
  • Community Dental Programs
  • Satellite Dental Clinics
  • Huge patient flow in the OPD
  • Outcome-based Competency oriented Course Curriculum
  • student-centered learning environment
  • Experiential learning  model during pre-clinical and clinical stages
  • Students Seminar Club
  • Faculty published papers in the highly cited impact factor journals
  • Students Governance in the Quality enhancement process of the institute
  • Zero tolerance policy towards Ragging


“To become center of excellence in dental education and dental care in Jammu and Kashmir”


“To provide high-quality dental education and dental care services with strong moral and ethical values to the community at affordable prices with a focus on learner-centered education and patient-centered service”


  • Goal 1: To provide quality dental education and research facilities with a focus on ethics and morality.
  • Goal 2: To provide quality dental healthcare services with a focus on evidence-based dentistry.
  • Goal 3: To provide Community development services in dental healthcare and hygiene.
  • Goal 4: To impart experiential learning to the students with a focus on imparting knowledge, skills, and competencies.
  • Goal 5: To promote high-quality dental practice with a focus on patient-centered care.

Organisational Structure

The governance system of IDS is democratic and transformative. The institute has developed its Organizational chart, where the hierarchy of the positions and the reporting authorities are mentioned clearly. Furthermore, the institute has developed its policies and procedures manual where the standard operating procedures (SoPs) for each office, officer, and committee are discussed explicitly. The institute has published various handbooks for the students, faculty, and staff. These handbooks help people to function in a disciplined environment. Pls. Click here to see the Organogram of the IDS.

Dr. R.K Suri


Welcome to the Institute of Dental Sciences, Sehora, Jammu, (J&K). The institute is a noble initiative taken by the “Trikuta Charitable Trust”, which believes that the path to the socio-economic and ethical transformation of the country is through the delivery of quality education. The Trustees comprise a cohesive group of experienced professionals with impeccable integrity who have committed themselves to the task of making the institute a ‘Centre of Excellence within a stipulated time. The institute is well-equipped with infrastructural and instructional facilities. The faculty of the institute is not only highly qualified and experienced in their specialties but also well-trained in student mentoring, counseling, and career development activities. Our staffs are well trained and committed to providing support services to our students. We are very proud of our graduates, who keep on continuing their services to the local nation as well as global oral health care industries with utmost sincerity and commitment. They are competent and innovative in their acumen of patient care, leadership qualities, and social values.
I wish to convey my sincere regards to the Trustees of the Trikuta Charitable Trust, faculties, staff, students, and parents for their precious contributions to the institution in general and society at large.
With best regards
Dr. R.K. Suri
Chairman and Founder Trustee,
Institute of Dental Sciences Seohra, Jammu, Jammu, and Kashmir

Dr. Sarbjeet Singh


I am delighted to welcome you to the Institute of Dental Sciences, Jammu, Jammu, and Kashmir, a premier institute imparting the bachelor program in dental education since 2006. So far the college has produced approximately 1000 graduates in the BDS programs who brought a reputation to the college working in India and abroad and are very successful oral healthcare professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs. We are committed to promoting excellence in dental education by inculcating self-discipline, competencies, clinical skills, intellectual standard, and social service among our graduates. We have been striving for this excellence with a lot of effort and are always trying hard to sustain our reputation. We are the first dental college in the region accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The institute is supported by state of art dental resources, a library, OPD, and an instructional system. We value the feedback of our stakeholders and implement their suggestions for the continuous improvement of the overall effectiveness of the college. Our hallmark is quality and excellence in oral health care for society. At IDS, we focus not only on giving the best theoretical knowledge and clinical skills but shape their attitude to give their service to the weaker sections of society. Therefore we are continuously endeavoring to add value to our institutional effectiveness. Our teachers use the latest technology, pedagogy, and their research and clinical knowledge while motivating young minds. We practice an early patient contact system to give much exposure to our students in their clinical practices. We are committed to developing the harmonious personality of future dentists; therefore we integrate co-curricular and extracurricular activities into the academic curriculum. We allow our students to represent in all important committees.
I sincerely invite you to visit our institute and witness our transformation in quality and excellence.
Kind regards
Prof. Sarbjeet Singh
Principal, Institute of Dental Sciences
Professor and HoD, Oral Medicine & Radiology

Public Disclosure

Institute of Dental Sciences values its stakeholders as their collaborators. Therefore it maintains transparency in disclosing all relevant information with them through its official website. The objective of this practice is to develop lifelong trust and confidence between the two entities. Also, it will help the stakeholders to take informed decisions on their collaborations with IDS. Pls. Click on it to view the public disclosure documents.

Educational Program

IDS offers DCI (Dental Council of India) approved Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program. The college is affiliated with the University of Jammu. The institute strictly follows guidelines laid down by the University & DCI in all its spheres including curriculum design, development, and revision of the curriculum. The institution follows a specific timetable for the effective delivery of the curriculum. Details of the program-related information are available here


The faculty of IDS is not only highly qualified and efficient in classroom teaching, clinical training, and evaluating the learning outcomes of our students in an innovative manner but also they are a great source of motivator, effective mentor, and good counselor for our students. They believe in teamwork and are passionate about engaging themselves in transforming IDS into an excellent Dental Science institution in the nation. A list of the faculty is given here.


IDS is accredited by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) in 2016. Presently, it is in the process of its second cycle accreditation by NAAC shortly. As per the mandatory requirement, the college has established the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) before the first cycle accreditation of the college. IQAC ensures that the aspirations of the stakeholders should be taken care of proactively and competently by monitoring the effectiveness of the overall activities of the college as an advisor body to all teaching, non-teaching, and support units of the college. The details of NAAC&IQAC functions are given here.

Stakeholders’ Feedback and Action taken Reports

The institute values the perception of the stakeholders on its performance. Therefore, it collects the feedback of the stakeholders annually through online mode. The stakeholders, such as students, alumni, graduates, parents, employers, faculty, staff, and community members are sent a customized web link to respond to the survey. The questionnaires are revised regularly and contain both quantitative and qualitative questions. After the feedback is collected, it was analyzed and the report is prepared. The feedback analysis report and the action taken report based on the feedback of the stakeholders are shared with them for closing the loop. Pls. Click here to view the reports.

Graduates and Alumni

The graduates and alumni are the most precious elements of IDS. The institute has developed well defined Graduate Attributes which refer to the knowledge, attitude, skills and competencies the students are to achieve at the end of the BDS program. IDS has established the Alumni Association. The Alumni association keeps the data of the alumni regarding their professional engagement and success. The meeting of Alumni Association is conducted annually and the feedback of the alumni on various aspects and performance of the institute are collected. The suggestions of the alumni are implemented to enhance the effectiveness of the institution. Please click here to know the details of our graduates and alumni.

Infrastructural Facilities

The college has created a vibrant ecosystem for the educational development of students on its campus. It has adequate infrastructure and instructional facilities to cater to the instructional needs of the students. The built-up area encompasses offices, spacious classrooms, labs, faculty cabins, a library, OPDs, hostels, seminar halls, hostels, staff quarters, etc. The infrastructure for Sports facilities includes a cricket ground, Foot Ball ground; Volleyball court, Badminton courts, and Table Tennis facility are also there. Read more….

Media Gallery@IDS

IDS believes in developing community awareness through its activities. Throughout the year various curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities are conducted at IDS. The reports of these activities are published by local and regional newspapers and also broadcasted by electronic media. The newspaper reports of the activities can be seen here.

Community Development Program

One of the goals of IDS is to provide Community development services in dental healthcare and hygiene for the local community.  Community dental care is one of the most important graduate attributes of IDS graduates, where the graduate should understand the concept of community oral health education and be able to participate in the rural health care delivery programs existing in the country along with achieving in-depth knowledge in the field of their study effective communication skills, independence and creativity, critical judgment, reasonable attitude, and ethical and social understandings. Pls. click here to see the details of our engagement with the local community


Our Location

Institute of Dental Sciences, Jammu, Jammu, and Kashmir, India, is the first DCI-approved private Dental College in J&K and is affiliated with the University of Jammu. Established in 2006, it has already produced around 1000 Dentists who have made the institute feel proud of them through their quality services to the Oral Health Care system and Research in India and abroad. 

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