Institute of Dental Sciences (IDS)

Re accredited by NAAC with B Grade

Sehora, Kunjwani Bishnah Road Jammu, (J&K), Pin: 181132

The Program

Institute of Dental Sciences offers DCI approved 5-Year Bachelor of Dental Surgery program since 2006. BDS is India’s only authorized and recognized highly qualified dental course. It is a five-year undergraduate education that empowers students to enter the noble profession of dental science and surgery. The program goals explicitly discuss the core values of the program. The college’s academic flexibility, students centered learning environment, community responsiveness, and graduate employability as its prime duty toward the stakeholders.

Program Goals

Goal 1: To provide quality dental education and research facilities with a focus on ethics and morality

  1. a) To provide a contemporary outcome-based curriculum in dental education matching global standards in terms of content, coverage, level, and practice.
  2. b) To develop the essence of ethics, accountability, and morality within the young dentists for the perpetuation of quality dental education and community health.
  3. c) To imbibe innovation and best practices in dental research in professional dental education to promote evidence-based dentistry.

Goal 2: To provide quality dental healthcare services with a focus on evidence-based dentistry.

  1. a) To provide quality dental healthcare to the community members of Jammu and Kashmir in general and Jammu City in particular.
  2. b) To develop collaboration among the stakeholders for comprehensive awareness of oral health care in the community.
  3. c) To facilitate the culture of evidence-based dentistry among dental practitioners and faculty members of the institute.

Goal 3: To provide Community development services in dental healthcare and hygiene.

  1. a) To work with a sense of commitment to conjuring and combating dental-related diseases and hygiene among the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir.

Goal 4:To impart experiential learning to the students with a focus on imparting knowledge, skills, and competencies.

  1. a) To deliver the academic program with the latest gadgets and equipment to provide experiential learning to the students during the pre-clinical and clinical stages of dental education.
  2. b) To provide internship and /or student exchange opportunities to further the cause of academic excellence through student exchange programs.

Goal 5: To promote high-quality dental practice with a focus on patient-centered care.

  1. a) To provide supervision by expert faculty members in imparting the knowledge, skills, and competencies required in dental practice.
  2. b) To create a culture of patient-centered care for comprehensive diagnostics, treatment planning, and implementation in the process of curing a dental disease.