Institute of Dental Sciences (IDS)

Re accredited by NAAC with B Grade

Sehora, Kunjwani Bishnah Road Jammu, (J&K), Pin: 181132

Campus Safety and Security System

Separate entrances are designated for men and women students. These should strictly adhere to Parents, relatives, and friends who drop the students in the institute and drive them back are requested to respect this and drop or collect the students only from the designated areas. Students are not allowed to walk through the main foyer doors or sit in the entrance area. This area is meant for guests and visitors to the institute. The institute has created good governance to ensure that the campus is free from environmental pollution. Therefore, it has developed an organization system for proper decomposition of hospital waste and recycling of wastewater for gardening purposes. We have created water conservation facilities on the campus. The wastewater coming from the hostel/mess/hospital/college is recycled for gardening purposes. The use of plastic is fully banned on the campus & nearby areas. The campus is disabled-friendly & barrier-free for the person with disabilities/divyang. It has built ramps for the movement of the person with locomotors disabilities. One of the washrooms on the ground floor is reserved for the divyang persons. We have a high end & 24 hours security surveillance system through security personnel and CCTV cameras on the campus. IDS has created a comfortable and safe environment that contributes to the success of resident students’ educational progress and personal growth. The hostel offers a learning environment that fosters self-dependence, respect for social norms, and tolerance of cultural diversity and provides opportunities for residents to improve their leadership, communication, and social skills, which support their academic development. These rules have been formulated to help the student’s study comfortably in the hostel, ensure their safety, and maintain discipline. The Cars are parked in the allocated positions in an orderly manner. The labs are available for use of the students under the supervision of the concerned faculty, during the practical hours. The materials and the chemical products used in the laboratories are checked at regular intervals for their integrity and are maintained under proper storage facilities. They are replaced at regular intervals depending on their wear and tear and shelf life. The students are made aware of the safety issues regarding the instruments, materials, and chemicals available in the labs and are highlighted the safety issues and first aid methods, as when needed. The campus is fully declared a no-smoking zone and disciplinary action is recommended against the individual(s) involved in smoking on the campus. The sewage treatment plant on the campus is operational and separate dustbins are kept for biodegradable and non-biodegradable types of waste. The Institute has a robust policy on infection control which is implemented in letter and spirit. The institute has been focusing on the periodic treatment of various facilities with pesticides in the prescribed manner. The institute has also implemented a radiation safety policy. The areas around the places have been marked with the special logo reflecting the radiation area.