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Students Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluation is a continuous process, which is based upon criteria developed by the concerned authorities with certain objectives to assess the performance of the learner. This also indirectly helps in the measurement of the effectiveness and quality of the concerned B.D.S. program. The Evaluation is achieved by two processes, such as Formative or internal assessment and Summative or university examinations. Formative evaluation is done through a series of tests and examinations conducted periodically by the institution. Summative evaluation is done by the university through an examination conducted at the end of the specified course. Evaluation of the student’s competencies is achieved by Written tests, Practical, Clinical examinations, and Viva-voce. The continuing internal evaluation is conducted frequently 3 times in a particular academic year and the average marks of these examinations are considered. During the internship, emphasis is given to chair-side teaching, small group teaching and discussion tutorials, seminars, ward posting, laboratory posting, field visits, and self-learning. As per the course regulations for the BDS program stipulated by the Dental Council of India, a Day-to-day assessment of the interns during their internship posting is conducted by clinical supervisors. The clinical supervisor records each procedure performed by the interns and compiles it in a monthly report. The objective of the formative assessment is the interns must acquire the necessary minimum skills required for carrying out day-to-day professional work competently. Therefore, maintaining records and performance data books by all interns has been made mandatory. This will not only provide demonstrable evidence of the processes of training but more importantly, of the interns’ acquisition of competencies related to their performance. It forms a part of formative evaluation and shall also constitute a component of the final grading of interns. The summative evaluation is based on the observation of the supervisors of different departments and the records and performance data book maintained by the interns. Grading is done accordingly. Another important component of the Dental internship is the students posting in the rural services, where the student will have to participate in Community Health Monitoring programs and services which include Preventive, Diagnostic, and corrective procedures. They are supposed to create

educational awareness about dental hygiene and diseases among the common people. They are to conduct Oral Health Education Programmes in the (a) School Setting (b) community setting (c) Adult Education Programme. They also complete the required number of procedures in the compulsory setup of satellite clinics in remote areas where they have to deliver Lectures to create awareness and education in public forums about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption and the predisposition to oral cancer. Assessments of the above activities are conducted by the supervisor in the performance data book.